Accident insurance

Accidents happens every time every place. Accident insurance is what you need to have so that insurance company can cover all or parcial expenses caused by misfortune.

You can choose from three insurance protections:

  • temporary incapacity compensation
  • disability compensation
  • death compensation

The purpose of accident insurance is to compensate expenses caused by accident when insurant remains incapacitated or needs long term treatment permanently or temporarily. In case of death insurance compensation helps insurant family. Insurance covers only accidents not illnesses.
Some people need accident insurance more than others depending on lifestyle, work, and hobbies.
If you want to know if you need accident insurance then ask yourself some questions:

  • Is your monthly income big enough to cover your and your families coping in case of accident in long term?
  • Do you have extra savings which you can use in case of expensive medical bills?

If you have any doubt in your opportunities to pay for all the expenses that might occur then consider this investment for your own and on behalf of your loved ones.

Need for insurance is directly relevant to your job also. If you use different equipment in your job ore if you are working in construction then it is reasonable to insure yourself for the risk most common. Accidents like spinal injury, hands, feet injuries or eyes injuries are covered in insurance contract.