Animal insurance

Pet insurance

Most people consider their pets as family members but they don’t think about insuring their pet before it is too late and something bad has already happened. Just like us, pets have diseases and problems that require unexpected expenses. To avoid these situations it is useful to insure your pet, and insurance payment isn’t often more than 65- 200 EUR for a year, which isn’t a big amout to pay for the wellbeing of your loving pet.

It is possible to insure pure breeded and mixed breed cats and dogs that are vaccinated and have marked chip or tatoo. In addition to pets it is possible to insure guide dogs for the blind, hunting and work dogs.

Insurance is valid in Estonian territory, but it is possible to insure your pet in cases you wish to travel with them. There are several packets to choose from.
In recent years theft and disappearances of breed dogs have increased significantly aswel.

Cattle insurance

Livestock is most important industry in Estonian agriculture. With livestock insurance you can insure cattle, pigs, horses, gotes, sheeps and poultry. If smaller accident does not make a big influence then in case of bigger one insurance undoubtedly helps you to continue your business activity. Your animals are most important part of your business and you need to minimize risks of losing your main income. Every year there are some extensive fire in animal sheds or animals die because of infectious diseases.
It is nessecery to identify animals propperly and register them in Estonian Põllumajandus Registrite ja Informatsiooni registrisse.

Risks are:

  • accident
  • fire
  • illness, including infectious disease
  • natural disaster
  • theft

Estonian goverment is supporting cattle insurance by covering part of insurance payments. More information in PRIA homepage