Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL)

Motor third party vehicle insurance is compulsory insurance and it covers civil legal liability for damage caused to third party by driving the motor vehicle, which means that this will not be paid by a driver, but by the insurance company which issued the policy.

MTPL is compulsory to all motor vehicles and trailers registered in Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre (ARK). MTPL is necessary wheater the vehicle is used in traffic, parking area, on small forest roads etc.

Insurance contract is always on the name of vehicle owner but on his/her behalf it is possible to request:

  • people who are marked as vehicle users on the registration form
  • credentials of the person authorized to use the vehicle
  • person authorized in writing to conclude contract

Policy is valid in Estonia and in European Union and in European Economic Area, including Switzerland. When leaving those areas you need to carry with you your green card. Green card represents motor vehicle insurance policy in countries that are members of the green card system. Those countries are: Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Israel, Iran, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia.