Travel insurance

The main three reasons why travel insurance is essential for people is feeling satisfaction and confidence during travel time, being protected against unexpected and less concern about expenses in case on misfortune situations. Travel insurance is needful for all people traveling regardless their age or sex.

Most common risks are:

  • your flight is cancelled
  • your luggage gets lost in transport and you have your prescription drugs in it
  • passport and wallet theft
  • in case of accident you need medical treatment or special transportation which is expensive
  • tour operator bankruptcy
  • natural disasters that force you to cancel your trip

Depending on the examples above there are choice between four insurance protections:

  • luggage insurance
  • medical insurance
  • travel interruption insurance
  • liability insurance

Luggage insurance is required in case of multiple stops when there is bigger chance for baggage loss, -damage or delay. It is reasnoble to insure your luggage for theft because in big airports it is needed more than you think.

Medical insurance is needful in case of unecpected illness or to cover emergency medical care in case of accident. Even if you are insured in Estonian Health Insurance Fund you need extra insurance because it dont cover all expenses. For more information visit Estonian Health Insurance Fund visit

Travel interruption insurance is necessary in case of flight cancellation. Flights with several stopovers it is essential. Best time to make the contract is immediately after you have bought your tickets.

Liability insurance is necessary for third- party claims. It may include legal costs.

Travel insurance is relatively small amount compairing it to all travel costs and it could save you a lot of money. It is possible to insure for one trip or for a year.